T. Marie Bertineau is an American Indigenous writer of short fiction and creative nonfiction.

I’ve read that Mason was once known as Shutter Town. The muntin windows of its quaint, white homes were all framed with board and batten shutters, each set having a unique color. It was the town Gramma moved to as a girl, the place where she married and became a widow. It was where she bore five children and grieved the death of three. She passed her days in a leased saltbox beside the highway—a Quincy Mining Company home with shutters of sage. Only a few feet from her yard, just beyond the thimbleberry patch, stood a reflective green sign with pearly block letters: “Mason,” it read. It was here, in the Mason house, that Gramma wove her stories of the town’s copper-mining past and the ruins it had left.

T. Marie Bertineau

The Mason House


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